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Vision is a unique program only for Handicare dealers that shows exactly how your Handicare stair lift can be positioned in your actual home.  This perspective helps you understand the installation and answer many questions.

It's a big decision for many people to have a stair lift installed in their home. In many situations, not knowing about stair lifts or misconceptions of having one installed can result in uncertainty, so finding a solution that can help make everyday life easier is important.  Handicare developed an augmented reality application that is designed to provide a 3D indication of how a stair lift from Handicare will look in your home. You can view a selection of seats and decide which system you would like to use plus view from all sides. This shows the product positioned in your actual home and helps you understand the installation and answers many questions that a picture in a brochure cannot. Call today and see how your new Handicare stair lift will look and make your everyday life easier! 



                            STAIR LIFT SERVICE

   New Mexico Stair Lift Service

     Service contracts available ​

  • Annual service contracts
  • 6 Month full service warranty
  • ​2 year labor warranty

 New Mexico Stair Lifts offers sales, service, installation and Product Consulting for our products and many others on the market.  Our sales        and service team are here to assist and take the time out to help​ you make the best decision for your home and loved ones whether you are        interested in purchasing  our products or our competitors products.

 Various service contracts are available from New Mexico Stair Lifts.  Price varies from inner city to distance of travel out side of city limits.          New Mexico stair Lifts installs all stair Lifts to factory spec for quality installation.  

 Service preventative maintenance on stair lifts are very similar to maintenance on  a vehicle or any equipment.  Regular                                              cleaning, lubrication and checking for loose nuts and bolts are very critical to the life of the unit.  Each unit comes with its own serial                    number connecting all information from service to replacement parts to the dealer and factory. 

 New Mexico Stair Lifts suggest that regular maintenance be performed on the stair lift unit on a regular basis for several reasons.

  • Dust, dirt and grime build up slow down performance of the unit causing parts to fail.
  • Warranty parts can be replaced with ease do to parts failing for causes other then poor maintenance. 
  • Service calls can be costly due to build up of dust, dirt and grime do to lack of service.
  • Poor maintenance or lack of can cause extra hours of maintenance since service is charged hourly.